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The ultimate time-saving appliance, no kitchen is complete without a dishwasher. Cross dishwashing off your list and tuck those dirty plates discreetly away, in a high performance dishwasher that will take care of it for you.

Our premium German kitchens can be customised with an integrated dishwasher for seamless, functional results. With models from some of the world’s leading brands available, we’re a trusted choice for kitchen appliances.

"The GermanMade kitchen came together perfectly. The new space incorporated an island in the centre of the kitchen with a raised splash back breakfast table. I also loved the living area with a plasma. I can cook and live in the kitchen. The kitchen was specifically designed with a living area so I could cook, eat, chill, relax in my kitchen with my family and friends."

− Ms Julie Marfitt of Pudsey, Leeds

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