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Fridges / Freezers

Gone are the days of bulky fridge-freezers. At Kundi Homes, we know you want functional storage solutions that slot seamlessly into your fitted kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a spacious, integrated fridge freezer or a retro American-style model that will stand out in your kitchen, we’ve got it covered.

Visit our showroom to browse our extensive range of appliances, from some of the world’s most respected brands.

"The GermanMade kitchen came together perfectly. The new space incorporated an island in the centre of the kitchen with a raised splash back breakfast table. I also loved the living area with a plasma. I can cook and live in the kitchen. The kitchen was specifically designed with a living area so I could cook, eat, chill, relax in my kitchen with my family and friends."

− Ms Julie Marfitt of Pudsey, Leeds

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